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My family files are growing continuously, thus the seperate lines of the family have been split, to ease download times.

My Family

Patricia Wazny Hamp

My father: Clarence Michael Wazny was born in Michigan to Michael Joseph Wazny and Florence Helen Purman. The families in this line emigrated from the Eastern Europe Region, that is now Poland.

Grandpa Michael Wazny was born in Narol, Galicia (now Poland) to Mary Skibicki and Michael Wazny, who brought their budding family to the U.S. in about 1910 and 1913. They lived in New York for the start of their American lives and then came to Michigan.
Updated 02 January 2000

Grandma Florence Purman Wazny was born in Saginaw, Michigan to Anthony Purman and Helen Zielinski. Anthony came to the U.S. about 1909 and Helen's parents came in 1883.
Updated 01 January 2000

Wazny-Skibicki | Purman- Zielinski

My mother: One of the reasons that I have been researching genealogy is my mother's side of the family. Mom's dad died when she was 8 years old. The lack of family information about Grandpa's line of the family spurred my start. Marcia Lou Baase was born in Michigan to Sylvia Hoffman and Harold Baase.

Grandpa Harold's line of the family comes from Germany, Canada, Cornwall, England, and Scotland. His mother Jessie Auger was born in Ontario to Samuel Auger (b. Cornwall) and (H)Ellen Allan. Samuel and Ellen came to Bay City, Michigan about 1880. The Baase side of this family came from Germany to Elmira, New York and then onto Michigan.

Grandma Sylvia Hoffman was born in Saginaw County, Michigan to parents who were also born in Michigan. The Hoffman(n)'s came to Michigan in about 1860 to start their lives here. The Smith-Burnham side of the family has older U.S. ties which start in Conneticutt, New York, and Massachusetts then move to Ontario and onto Michigan. Updated 06 June 1999

Baase-Auger | Hoffman-Smith


Ron's Family

Ronald Hamp

Ron's father: Harold Hamp was born in Elwell, Michigan to Clayton Earl Hamp and Thelma Strack.

The Strack family has just been started as far as research by Carol Lalonde Hamp.

The Hamp's were some of the first settlers of Gratiot County Michigan. The first Hamp came to the U.S. from Germany in 1817. They lived in Ohio and Michigan. This line of the family has been researched and originates in Bouch, Wuurtenburg, Germany 1520.

Clayton's mother was of the Mead family. I am working on this line of the family, very slowly. Various cousins have provided information on lines of the family in Michigan. The first Mead's that are in this line (that we have) are Daniel Mead b. New York and Hannah Green b. Vermont, who moved to Shiawasee County, Michigan.

New Pages 10-18-99!

Ron's mother: Carole Lalonde was born in Michigan of mainly French/Canadian family lines. She also has Native American and a "little" Scottish and English. Her father was Francis Leo Lalonde who was born in Michigan and Mildred Pearl Ocha who was also born in Michigan. If you find any connections to the Lalonde part of this family please contact Carol directly as she has done all the research and I have only put her database on the WWW.

The Ocha-Fountain/Fontaine line of the family has been researched by different members of the family and you can contact Pat, about this line. This line of the family has been Ron's only participation in genealogy.

Lalonde Family Surname

New Ocha Family Pages 7-30-1999
Ocha Family

New Oct. 15, 1999


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