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Wazny Skibicki


Michael Anthony WAZNY

Narol, Galicia Poland
Saginaw, Michigan USA

Military Records
District Records-Poland
Death Cert.
Church Records

From Debbi Pohlman
Grandpa was in the Prussian army. He came home on leave and decided to
leave to come to America. He came in 1910 or 11 on the "SS Columbia" and
stayed with relatives in Buffalo, New York with family. (Who is the
family?) He worked and made enough money to bring Grandma, John and
Grandpa Michael over.

Maria Julia SKIBICKA

21 AUG 1888
Narol, Galicia, Poland-Lubaczow Dist.-Diocese of Leopolensis now Narol, Przemysl
17 NOV 1957
Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Michigan

District Records- lists
Michal' Skibicki b. 05 Sept. 1867 m. 05 Feb. 1894 spouse can't read
Emilia Skibicka b. 02 Nov. 1870 spouse can't read
Piotr Skibicki b. 04 Sept. 1873 d. 13 Feb. 1876

Maria's Godparents were Adelbertus BinCzuk
Rosalia & Laurence Kolawczuk

Midwife was Catharina Sicr(?)erba

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